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Welcome at Artcraftstudio Italy with new dynamic pages that automatically shrink to fit your device screen: PC, Notebook, tablet, smartphone. The presentation page don't have a lot of text contents, but picture to link and jump quickly to other interests  websites and social pages.
Since 1997  ArtCraftStudio-Italy (ex: Studio 97)  has built websites with legitimate interests creating an internet shipping line shared family topics.
Some titles can arouse curiosity and will to develop cultural insights;

Enjoy browsing my  Galaxies web pages
PS: Please be patient with loading  with slow connection.

This is not a PLR product. We build and support this script.
Active Retired People Cinema
Activive retired people
After any clip new choice available
Whiteboard video inspiration from around the world. Some full of fancy, some technically cunning, some the essence of fun. All made with VideoScribe.

Perhaps, out of laziness, or the need to act quickly, we are not inclined to read or linger on many lines of text. Motion pictures, they attract more of each message written in characters, and are often preferred, to synthesize a thought, an idea, a product, etc.
Now almost all of us, we own a smart phone that is able to store, what we see on the road. Millions of gigabytes of video clips and photographs, have yet to be organized, and when they are important, they are stored, with appropriate backup .
When our creative video, from private to become public, it is necessary to apply a minimum of graphics processing, so that the message reaches the target, which is a friend with his clicks Likes, Share. To do this, just choose, for example, the software with which we created this video.
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